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Nathanael Lessore

Published Author, allergic to cats

Now taking bookings for school visits!


"My year 8s & 9s were enthralled by Nathanael. We'll have him back as often as humanly possible." - English Teacher, Queensbridge School



Winner of a participation trophy - Sport's Day circa 1998

Nathanael Lessore’s Latest Releases

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Shaun (aka MC Growls) is ready to drop his best bars and smash the competition at Raptology. If he can make himself star of the show, he's convinced Tanisha will finally give him a chance. But when a livestream practice goes epically wrong, Growls's dirty laundry is literally exposed.

"A great book that I’d recommend for how much it will put you in a good mood after reading it.  This has become a favourite of the year and I’ll definnitely be re-reading this whenever I need something to make me smile."


"I was totally hooked on this book!! It really is very funny but with many poignant moments. Highly recommended, especially for boys who may not ordinarily see themselves in the characters of books."

 "Crammed with outrageously hilarious wordplay, Lessore’s exuberant debut for 12+ is a southeast London celebration of teen awkwardness, creativity and silly joy."

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